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Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Models provide useful explanations of how things work. There can be any number of useful models which relate to the same subject. Models for the most part deal with what we cannot hold in our hands or see under a microscope, things that cannot be directly weighed or measured.

For example: There are two well known models for the Atom. The Rutherford -
Bohr model views the atom as a small solar system with a nucleus being orbited by electrons. This implies that electrons are particles and have location. The Quantum model also views the atom with a nucleus, but gives the location of the electron as a probability. More like a wave than a particle. Scientists and engineers use both models.

In the various metaphysical systems we also deal with models for the same reason. There are no absolute mo
dels in a subject this vast. For example: The Tree of Life as a model of the universe or as a model of man. Both of these models have many variations. Each variation is also a model.

Historians and researchers often argue about which models are most authentic or their place history. That is their function. Sometimes uninformed people confuse the various models or cross mix them into some kind of hybrid.

All of the models from our various metaphysical systems give us a box of tools for dealing with the intangible and invisible worlds we explore.

As magicians we must match our subject with the best model from our tool box. We must be flexible and remember what models are for and make full use of them. We must not limit our thinking.

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