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Saturday, June 21, 2008


If you have just discovered the metaphysical world you are immediately faced with questions which need answering.

Can I learn this on my own?
Where are there others of like interest?
Do I need to join a group?
What group should I join?
How do I get initiated?
Where can I find a teacher or lessons?
Who should I trust?
What books do I need to start?
Where can I get answers?

In the search for answers to these questions you will probably look to literature or the internet.

Many metaphysical books are simply rearrangements of the core material. It is the core material that you should put at the top of your reading list. Other works can come later after you have a solid foundation from which to discriminate.

The internet with its groups is good place to get help and to connect with others of like mind; however, some of what you find there is equally dangerous and misleading. It is here that you need to be especially alert to the quality of who is addressing you.

The inter net provides a place where anyone may say anything true of false about anything or anyone. And do that anonymously. This is especially true of group sites where false claims and attacks on others are common. The only effective watchdog to guard against this is your sense of discrimination.

In either case, you must measure everything against a set of characteristics that help to give you a reasonably correct assessment.

You must quickly learn to discriminate: to sort truth from falsehood; to sort fact from fiction; to sort what is useful from what is not; and to identify who to trust and who not.

What follows is a three part article to help you in this task.

Grades and Titles
The first thing you will probably look for are the grades and titles of authors and internet personalities. Some will carry grades from one or more orders. Some hold positions in an order and will reveal their titles.

The quality of a grade from one source may not be equal to the quality of the same grade from another source. Some grades may not be real. Today there are no standards to set the quality of grades.

Grades are of little importance and should only be used as simple indicators. Do not place your trust in grades. Here is a list of things to be aware of when evaluating grades:
Grades are only meaningful within the group that issued them; no where else.
Grades may not reveal the level of knowledge and development of a person.
Grades may not imply transformation.
Grades may only imply knowledge.
Grades reflect the quality of the person who issued them.
Grades and titles only indicate that this person may be a good candidate for a close examination in the other indicators.
Can someone without grades or titles be an Adept? Yes.

Signs of an Adept
Always look for indicators.
An Adept does not flaunt grades or titles, but will respond if asked.
An Adept does not flaunt the Ego or hide behind a false mask or annonimity.
An Adept does not address others in terms of endearment as a means of control or possession (fatherly terms, from on high, etc.).
An Adept will often publish works that are generally recognized in the community.
An Adept is a fellow student in the process of learning.
An Adept is one who has achieved that level of development that causes a state of
Compassion. An Adept without Compassion is no Adept at all.
An Adept lives in the moment; no regrets or anger from the past, no fear or doubt of the

Signs of Transformation and Realization
These are the signs of transformation.
Their words and deeds will reveal their transformation.
They will speak in terms of unity, of elevating the soul.
They will teach or offer up lessons to aid others on their journey of transformation.
They will not speak in terms of separateness, superiority, or denigrate others in order to elevate themselves.
Some may even reveal their final realization; "There is no separateness".

These lists are not complete. You should add your own as you discover them. Not everyone is perfect, but should generally fit your criteria. Adepts are still human, but will always show compassion and will teach at the drop of a hat. Discriminate and take what is useful for your journey.


Richard Dudschus said...


Margaret said...

Just want to say 'Thank you' to you, because what you said helps me and many beginner.
It's true that internet provides us lots of information about magic and mysteries, yet misleading materials confused people.
I discovered my interest of magical tradition 6 years ago, i browsed websites and collected materials. Even i have been studying for so long, i still have no ability to distinguish which materials are useful, which are not.
So, please keep share your experience ^_^ i'd love to hear and learn from you and others.

Anonymous said...

This is an excellent and much wanted post. I thank you for it. I hope all candidates and aspirants looking for a group or preparing for initiation read this first. In today's world there are far too many "inepti" and "fluffy" magicians out there, and far too many of us who wander in darkness who cannot tell the true light from the false. It's very easy to be fooled by fools, or to become possessed by fear of being fooled and therefore pass up true guidance. Thank you for these great tools we blind men and women may use.

P.S. I've been searching the internet for some time now, but I haven't found a Golden Dawn group in my area. Do you know of any reputable groups or people in Salt Lake City?

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